Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ruby and RoR Course with exercise

@engineyard and @pivotallabs release an excellent course material and exercise for Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

It is one of the best I have seen so far. Quotes from the repo: "This course teaches experienced developers Ruby and Ruby-on-Rails. It's designed to be taught by a practicing rubyist and a teaching assistant. Both individuals must have expert understanding of Ruby, Rack and Ruby-on-Rails." The list of contributors:

Course is structured to cover all the platforms (Linux, Mac and yesss Windows). It starts with basics and covers some advanced development guidelines.

An excellent presentation by @dblockdotorg:

More resources:

It is CDE --> Community Driven Education :)


item id ark said...

Thanks Brad. This is so helpful. Love how you apologize at around the 30 minute mark for the tutorial taking so long. Lol. Like we wouldn't be here for hours soaking up the knowledge. Your teaching style is awesome and the way you cover so much without making it end up confusing is amazing. Your NodeJS vids were really helpful and this one is no different. Thanks again
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Its a good video, but could you do something more practical. Like using this information to create a contact list, casino, or restaurant, etc. etc. etc. Thanks in advance.